I have found the CHLOR-LESS system to be highly successful. Chlorine has been greatly reduced. The pool is sparkling and clear and we no longer have children with red eyes due to too much chemical additives. In the past I have used a great amount of chlorine due to the number of children who are taught to swim in the pool. Although the pool is heated to 30⁰ C the CHLOR-LESS system continues to be effective.

SN Hill (Peter Platypus Swimming School)

I had your CHLOR-LESS system when I was living in South Africa. I now live in Kenya and am keen to have the system here. My sister will be traveling to South Africa and I'm hoping she can bring the system and ionizers with her.

- Monique Oliff

As an ex-assistant Chief Engineer (Design) of the Rand Water Board and with knowledge of the basic methods of treatment of the water we receive, (lime, i.e calcium hydroxide, as basic plus chlorine injection at the reservoirs) I was aware that the water used to fill the pool was of an alkaline nature. Although perhaps the best on the continent of Africa from the domestic viewpoint and for drinking purposes, it often proves very difficult to control for use in the swimming pool environment. The alternative of treatment by ELECTROLYSIS was therefore of interest and I became very keen to try this method. The pool maintains its clarity under all weather conditions and how rewarding it has been to return from a business trip or holiday to find the pool in the same clean, clear, pristine condition that it was left in. One still needs to maintain the water balance levels by testing for pH and total alkalinity and adding a relatively small quantity of chlorine as directed. After a few weeks of operation, brownish stains appeared on the pool lining. The pool shop advised using acid treatment to remove them but they kept reappearing. CHLOR-LESS recommended a metal remover and this produced a permanent cure. I can highly recommend the method of treatment for your pool as provided by CHLOR-LESS.

- Brian Lovell

We installed one of your CHLOR-LESS Ionizers in our swimming pool. At the same time we had a unit installed in our fish pond, as an experiment, as we had been plagued with a severe infestation of blanket weed for many years. We have two ponds with both Koi and Goldfish, a waterfall and a biological filter. Very soon after the pond was brought into use we started getting blanket weed growth which got progressively worse despite all efforts to contain it. Since installing the Ionizer we have virtually eliminated the blanket weed in the ponds with only residual traces on the sides of the waterfall. The water is clear, the fish appear healthy and we no longer have to clean the pump inlet on a daily basis nor use expensive additives. We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the unit since its installation.

- ANR Christie